Hi my name is Midnight and I am a 6 year old male Poodle mix and I weigh about 18 lbs. I am looking for an all adult home. I am new to the rescue so not a lot is known about me yet but I am handsome and crate trained.

I do Okay with other dogs as long as they are calm. I do not know what to make of the cat in my foster home. I am a bit nervous that is why I am looking for a calm all adult home. If you would like to adopt me, please fill out the Adoption Application below.


Howdy, my name is Onyx I am a male Shih Tzu mix around 4 years old and I weigh 15 lbs. I ended up in a shelter when my owner moved and did not take me along. I am a really sweet boy just praying for someone to love and take care me and I promise I will love and take care of you right back!!

I am doing fine with the other dogs and pay no mind to the cat in my foster home. I am crate trained and ready to yours. 


Hi my name is Rigsby and I am a 5 year old male poodle mix who weighs about 9 lbs. A nice vet took me in and helped find me a rescue who would help me find my happily ever after. I was not in the best shape when I was rescued but I am feeling great now and boy am I excited to have a second chance at finding a home where I will actually be cared for and loved as a cherished family member.

I am an energetic boy who just wants to live life to the fullest! I love attention and I am very food motivated which is good as I am a bit skinny at the moment. I am crate trained and ready to be yours. 


Hi my name is Weeman and I am a 4 year old 9 lb male Chihuahua. I was returned to the rescue after living one year in a home because the family expanded and I was snappy (not biting) with kids. Small dogs like me, are not normally good with really small kids (less then 10 years old) as they can grab and squeeze.

I was a bit unhappy when I arrived back but I had a needed trip to the vet and had a dental and my teeth feel better and I am now happier and friendly. I love to be pet and brushed and I will follow you everywhere you go. I am good with other dogs and do not pay attention to the cat in my foster home. I am crate trained and ready for my new home. 


Hi, my name is Rocky and I am a 5-year-old, male Chihuahua that weighs about 12 lbs. I was rescued from a shelter where I was an owner surrender as my owner was taken to the hospital and would no longer be able to care for me.

I came into the rescue very overweight and a bit grumpy but with all the love my foster Mom and Dad are given to me, I have lost weight and my attitude is much better I am actually a nicer boy and still have a way to go who knows what I went through before I got here but with love I will continue to improve.

So you will need to work with me to help me become the best dog ever. If you love and have experience with Chi’s like me you will be able to help me for sure as I am a typical chi boy.

Once I like and trust you I will roll over on my back for some pets and jump up and lick and love you.

I do not like to be startled and have to be approached carefully or I will growl and warn you to back off. I need an all adult home. I am good with other dogs and cat too. I am crate trained and love a soft bed. 


Rose needs a quiet family who is home more than not. Her ears are so much better which has resulted in a silly girl coming out. She prances like a pony on her walks although she still has that stubborn streak if it is cold or rainy.

She will go out on those days, do her business, then right back in. When kept on a schedule, she has done beautifully with house training. She is a sweet, gentle soul who is very grateful to have a warm bed, good food, and someone to love her. She even gives a gentle kiss on the cheek when you put her food bowl down.

Her hair is growing back slowly. She knows sign language for come, walk, eat, sit, and good girl. She is highly food motivated so has been fairly easy to train.

She gets along with the other dogs and has no reaction to cats. She has gained enough confidence that she will walk up to everyone.

Rose is a hound mix she weighs 30 lbs and is thought to be around 10 years old. She had a hard life before arriving into the rescue and we just know there a wonderful home out there for Rose, she so deserves it.


Hi my name is Storm and I am only 1 to 2 years old and I am a yorkie/poodle/schnauzer mix male who weighs 15lbs.

I was surrendered to a local shelter. My owners claimed they could NO longer care for me but the truth is they never did. I was so badly matted I had to be shaved down

Once groomed, I behaved a bit differently, you see I walk like a Tennessee walker horse and can be easily startled and not always able to maintain my balance normally.

I eat sloppily (but this can all be due to my living conditions) Overall I am a sweet boy that loves attention and really want to please you. I do take a bit longer to process things and I am selective about my doggie friends.

I do listen but you may have to tell me something more than once. I will need someone who will be patient and loving and help me to learn to be the wonderful dog I was always intended to be.

Looking forward to having a home where I will always be cared for.